American Indian Anthropologists

The Tohono O’odham Nation is honored to participate in the National Anthropology Day celebration, and the following article is the Cultural Center & Museum’s participation in this event.  The Indigenous people of Turtle Island (America) have been given many names from Indians, American Indians, Native Americans, Amerinds, to “First Nations.”  An aspect of Indigenous cultural revival & preservation is illustrated by Tribes going back to their original names.  At one time the Tohono O’odham (meaning the “Desert People”) were known by the name given to them by the Spanish, “Papago” meaning bean eaters.  Breaking away from the colonial legacy many main-stream museums come from, Indigenous people are using anthropology as a vehicle for cultural preservation, thus giving raise to new concepts in the museum field such as the “Living Museum.”  A new dawn for Indigenous people in the field of anthropology has arrived, from the study of dead and dying cultures, to using anthropology for the preservation of Indigenous cultures.  For complete document please click here.

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