The Collections Division is committed to developing a collection devoted to the understanding and respect of the Tohono O’odham. The artifact collections include archaeological, ethnographic, and historical materials. The collection includes contemporary works of art by Tohono O’odham artists in various media: painting, sculptures, literature, and music.

The collections are used primarily for (1) educational activities, (2) scholarly studies by the Tohono O’odham and others, and/or (3) exhibitions. These collections are extremely important in helping teach the Nation’s youth about their culture and history. These collections are also very personal, because the artifacts’ makers are usually known to families and friends.

Himdag Ki:’s long-term goal is to develop a comprehensive index of Tohono O’odham art, artifacts, and archives, whether held in the Himdag Ki: repositories or elsewhere, in the museums and repositories around the world. Himdag Ki: is also actively seeking to acquire art, artifacts, and archival materials, made by or related to the O’odham. If you are interested in donating such items, please contact the Curator of Collections.

The Himdag Ki: DOES NOT collect or house funerary remains and/or funerary objects. For questions or information pertaining to these types of materials, please contact the Cultural Affairs Office at (520) 383-3622.

Tohono O’odham “himdag” or lifeway is interpreted through material culture including archaeological, ethnographic, and contemporary objects. From manos, metates, pottery, baskets and stone-axe heads, to a “kuipad” or saguaro harvesting sticks, wood-working tools, and sewing machines, all honor the O’odham past and present.