Services and Policies

Services and Policies

Himdag Ki: reserves the right to determine whether a requested service complies with its mission, values, goals, and objectives.

Loans of Collections for Exhibitions

Himdag Ki: has an exhibition loan policy which is available upon request from the Curator of Collections. Requests for exhibition loans should be made as far in advance as possible, no later than 6 months prior to the date needed. Where 25 or more items are requested, the request must be received 12 months in advance.

Photographs of Artifacts and Artwork

Himdag Ki: will make available digital copies of the catalog record photograph for an artifact(s). If other photographs are necessary, the individual should contact the Curator of Collections to determine whether Himdag Ki: can accommodate the request. The Himdag Ki: charges a fee for professional photographs of artifacts used in scholarly works. Photographs must exhibit the credit line, including the name of Himdag Ki:. Visitors and scholars are permitted to photograph artifacts on a limited basis, depending upon the nature of the request and the Division of Collections’ schedule and availability. Individuals or companies requesting photographs for commercial use must contact the Museum Administrator.

Inter-Library Loans

At this time, the Himdag Ki: Library & Archives does not loan any library or archival materials to other libraries or educational institutions.

Curatorial Services

Himdag Ki: provides curatorial services for archaeological materials recovered from the Nation’s lands (or ancestral lands) under the Nation’s federal and state permitting process. Curatorial fees are charged for this service.

Stewardship Program

Himdag Ki:sponsors a caretaking program to help preserve the artifact and archival heritage of the Tohono O’odham Nation. The Collections Stewardship Project (hereafter, the “Project”) helps the members of the Tohono O’odham Nation preserve, either physically, or through various photographic and copying media, the ability for long-term care and maintenance of their personal items of cultural patrimony. These items are basically anything BY, ABOUT, or ON the O’odham.

The HimdagKi:’s primary goal is to help members preserve items (artifact or archival in nature) for future generations of O’odham.  The Himdag Ki: will provide a secure setting (security guards, closed circuit TV cameras); restricted access to the collections storage areas; acid-free products for storage (powder sprayed equipment, neutral and acid-free materials); a climate-controlled environment (stable relative humidity and temperature); and knowledgeable professional staff that may flash freeze items if they are infested, or surface clean them, if appropriate.  The Himdag Ki: staff is prohibited from eating or drinking in collections areas, where Project materials are cleaned or stored.  All these measures inhibit the natural deterioration process of materials.

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