Planning Your Visit

Planning Your Visit


Himdag Ki: is situated in a beautiful, rural setting. Visitors comment on the peacefulness and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Its remoteness and natural setting do, however, require some caution. The following information is intended to make your visit easier and more enjoyable.

Himdag Ki: is located in the Arizona Sonoran Desert, where temperatures in the summer can reach highs of over 100° Fahrenheit during the summer. Winter daytime temperatures average about 70° Fahrenheit. Visitors should wear protective clothing to avoid sun burns and keep hydrated. Bottled water is the only beverage allowed inside the Himdag Ki: Museum.

Visitors should plan to spend one to two hours at Himdag Ki: in order to see all the exhibitions and walk around the grounds. Off the nature trail, the grounds are covered in natural vegetation, which includes thorny and prickly succulents. These plants can catch on clothes and skin of unwary visitors. Long pants are recommended. Although the grounds are fenced, a variety of animals are still present. Be cautious of the desert wildlife. Please contact the Himdag Ki: staff if you see an animal behaving strangely or observe poisonous snakes, gila monsters, bee swarms, or other animals.

During the rainy seasons—July-August and October-December--the humidity increases and heavy afternoon rains can flood roads and washes. As Federal Route 19, the paved road to Himdag Ki:, is susceptible to flooding. Staff will advise visitors of weather advisories. Visitors are warned not to attempt to drive through flooded roads or washes as the water flows fast enough to float and overturn vehicles. Wait until the waters have subsided before fording washes.


Visitor Services

Visitor Services are limited on the Tohono O’odham Nation. Gas and food are available in Sells and at two trading posts, one east of Sells (Coyote Store) and one further west (Ge Achi Trading Post). Overnight camping facilities are available on the western edge of the reservation near Ajo. There are no motels or hotels on the reservation.

Suggested Destinations

There are many visitor destination points in Southern Arizona. National Parks, natural and cultural museums, and an astronomical observatory are located within a 50 to 100-mile radius from Himdag Ki:. Himdag Ki: has participated with some of these organizations to better interpret the Tohono O’odham culture for visitors to these destinations. On this basis we recommend these places, which enhance the Tohono O’odham experience. You will find these places specified listed below.






Public Services

Sells is the tribal headquarters of the Tohono O’odham Nation. It has emergency services, including the Tohono O’odham Police Department and the Tohono O’odham Fire Department. Call 911.

The Tohono O’odham Health Care maintains a hospital in Sells, which is available in emergency situations. Seriously ill or injured patients are usually transported by ambulance or helicopter to medical facilities in the nearest metropolitan area.

Sells and Topawa also has a U.S. Post Office and a branch of First American Credit Union (limited hours) with an ATM located in the Sells Shopping Plaza.